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Bericht über Rütgers im Shuangliang Newsletter

Im aktuellen Newsletter der Firma Shuangliang ist Rütgers mit einem Bericht über den Absorber-Informationstag vertreten. Diesen Beitrag wollen wir Ihnen hier gerne präsentieren:

Absorber Information Day in Bavaria

After new sales branch in Bavaria set up in autumn 2016, Rütgers hosted an “Absorber Information Day” on 31st of March 2017 in the Hilton Hotel in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

Against the background that we have just started with the cooling business in Bavaria a few months ago and Rütgers is relatively unknown in this territory of Germany, we were quite content about the positive feedback we received. The customer structure was pretty well mixed containing planers and installers as well as utility companies and end customers out of the industrial process business.


Sascha Paulus and Gerhard Kühnel from Wolf GmbH delivered wonderful speeches over absorption chillers and CHP (Combined Heat and Power Generation), aiming to give the audience a comprehensive overview about the absorption cooling technology and its application in CHP. Different available product types and the advantages of the Shuangliang products with typical cases were pointed out. They also gave some hints for the planning as regards to the efficiency, installation and operation.

Besides, the audience was informed about the latest news how the government promotes the use of absorption chillers in Germany and what the customer has to consider to profit from the new regulations.


The event ended up with an open discussion between the speakers and the audience. Some of the participants those never had been in touch with the absorption chiller technology before now know about it and the positive effect on the energy efficiency, and they are willing to include this into their investigations on new projects.

It proved to be a huge success for Rütgers, which will definitely help us to advance Rütgers as a brand in Bavaria and also make a significant contribution to the growth in our absorption chiller business.


by Rütgers